Pick Up Points: Do You Know What They Are?

In free translation, pick-up points mean points of withdrawal. If, by chance, you encounter the expression click and collect, know that it is a synonym for the term. Having these locations can be very useful for your company’s logistical strategy. You will already find out why throughout this text, as well as the main benefits of the practice. Good reading!

What is the relationship between pick-up points and logistics?

We at RCC Auto Transport can understand the points of withdrawal as stores associated with the business, in which the customer can search for the product purchased through online purchase. In other words, partner establishments continue the cycle that started in e-commerce. 

Thus, the consumer has the facility to pick up the product at the address he chooses, among the options offered, as of a certain date. The solution caters to those who cannot stay at home waiting for delivery due to work or any other reason.

Your venture will reduce costs while consumer satisfaction will increase. Defining delivery environments implies centralizing the service, saving time, fuel, and labor. Likewise, the affiliated stores are benefited. They will have a commission for the service and receive a greater flow of people at their points of sale.

Because of these advantages, it is possible, in many cases, to make the buyer pay nothing for delivery. Another step towards guaranteed satisfaction, right? It is enough that he chooses the most convenient point and searches for the order. It can be close to home, work, or even on the way between one appointment and another. 

Why apply the strategy?

You will see below some of the advantages provided by the withdrawal points associated with your business.

Efficient deliveries

By joining the model with pick-up points, your company has a lot to gain. To begin with, the path to be taken by the carrier decreases considerably. There is no need to travel to each customer’s home since there is a space for centralizing delivery. 

Tip: when counting with partners distributed in different points of the city, the geographic coverage will be wide, to increase, even more, the adhesion of the strategy. With this, the capacity of the vehicles will be better used due to the large volume of items addressed to the defined locations.

Have you ever thought about saving on fuel, maintaining the fleet, and reducing the risks associated with transportation (such as breakdowns and accidents)? Due to the optimization of the route provided by the pick-up points, this is possible.

Solution for Reverse Logistics

The National Solid Waste Policy states that companies are responsible for their products even when they are discarded. In this sense, reverse logistics is put into practice, starting from the customer until he returns to the business. 

The pickup points are interesting also because they become collection points of material after its “life cycle”. The cost of the service becomes less since the consumer takes the initiative to take the item to the space intended to receive them. As partner stores, which are part of your logistics routine, will fulfill this role, everything is easier.

Guaranteed delivery

Do you know the problem of trying to deliver something and not having anyone to receive the order? The sensation of wasting time is inevitable. Unfortunately, the situation is more common than it seems. The good news is that the definition of pick-up points solves the failure rate. After all, the customer will have the freedom to pick up the product at the point he has chosen, when it is most convenient. 

Betting on pick-up points is a smart alternative with many benefits to your business. In this text, you saw what strategy means and what are those advantages reserved for companies that bet on it. Ready to take a step towards success? 

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