Car Transport in Car Carrier

Due to its efficiency, the vehicle carrier truck is the most used by professionals for the transport of cars . In this post we explain what characteristics this type of truck has and what protocol is used to carry out the transport of cars.

Types Of Vehicle Carrier Truck For Car Transport

We find two main types of vehicle carrier trucks: open and closed. The most common for car transport are the first. These are characterized by the fact that the vehicles are exposed and visible from the outside. On the contrary, in closed vehicle transport trucks, the cars are protected from view and from inclement weather by the truck body itself.

Most trucks for transporting cars incorporate ramps that allow easy loading and unloading of cars, leveling these ramps to the necessary height using a hydraulic system.

Car transport trucks typically hold between five and ten cars, depending on the size of the cars.

Open trucks for car transport, which as we mentioned are the most common  usually have two floors. Each of them is subdivided into loading and storage ramps that slope to facilitate access for cars. Once loaded, the cars are securely tied down with ratchets or wheel straps. If the car transport truck has two floors, the top deck is loaded first, although it is unloaded last.

How Is The Transport Of Damaged Cars Carried Out?

To transport damaged cars , platform cranes equipped with winches are needed, since it is not possible to use the car’s own power to load it on the truck. 

When Is A Truck Used To Transport Cars?

  • Commercial-size car transport trucks are commonly used to ship new cars from factories to dealerships .
  • The other main type of use for car transport trucks is the transfer of used vehicles from individuals who need to send their cars elsewhere. These situations usually occur when a person is going to make a move and does not want to drive for miles.
  • Or when someone has bought a second-hand car far from where they reside and cannot go to pick it up. The latter is becoming more and more common due to the rise of used car online sales platforms. 

In any of these situations that we have just described, the solution is to hire a vehicle carrier to carry out a safe and professional car transport .

How Do You Make A Car Transport In A Vehicle Transporter Truck?

To transport cars by truck, this process is normally followed.

  • crane picks up the vehicle in the exact place indicated by the customer and moves it to a central warehouse or field. This is where the loading of the vehicle into a car transport truck takes place . The usual thing is that this vehicle carrier truck carried eight or ten units. 

Do You Need To Hire A Vehicle Carrier Truck?

The transport of cars , motorcycles and any other type of vehicle is a service that we at RCC Auto Transport have been providing for over thirty years. This long experience is proof of our professionalism and solvency within the car transport sector, and provides us with the tools to solve any contingency that may arise quickly and efficiently.

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